It looks like the judges of TechCrunch Disrupt had it right: Video content company Qwiki will be great on the iPad. Just a couple days after its launch, Qwiki is the 4th most downloaded iPad app in the world.
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Qwiki is like Wikipedia, but instead of text, it brings you quick, minute-long videos, as well as an array of graphics and narration.

Qwiki's platform can be produced on any device. The technology works by evaluating then compiling different kinds of information, including rich text, structured data, and mixed media.

Qwiki transmits information via storytelling, in a way that is almost human. Although a lot of the information comes from Wikipedia, Qwiki is also building its own media index and reference library.

After every Qwiki is over, you are always left wanting more. What originally started as a website has been released as a great-looking iPad app.
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