iPad Accessories for Learning

I was reading Tony Vincent's great site Learning in Hand and was intrigued to read his suggestions for iPad accessories. I was aware of some of these but was either unaware of or had not considered many of them to actually be iPad accessories. So I thought I would do some research of my own to see exactly what Tony had been talking about.

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IPEVO Point 2 View USB Camera - Inexpensive document camera $69.00

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 iPad Dock Connector to VGA Adapter - Mirror iPad 2's screen to a projector $39.99

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Cacoon Grid-It Organizer - Organize and transport all those accessories $39.99

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Zipshot Instant Tripod - Quick set up and take-down $49.95

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USB Data and Charging Key Chain - Charge and sync if you don't have a cable $2.99

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Mini Microphone for iPod touch - For iPods that do not have built-in mics $12.95

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Zwipes Microfiber Cloths - Great for wiping fingerprints from touchscreens $11.01
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Omnitech Mini-Speaker - Curiously loud small speaker. Charges by USB $9.99
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Tekkeon TeckCharge Power Pack - Battery for charging through USB $59.99

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iRig Mic iPod/iPhone/iPad Microphone - Handheld mic for better sound $59.99
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Germ Gaudian Mini UV-C Light Wand - Pass over surfaces to kill germs $19.99

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45x Microscope with 2-LED Illumination - Inexpensive microscope - $8.85

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Universal Bracket Adapter Mount for Tripod - Mount iphone on a tripod $19.95

image from Sotrix.com
Ephiphan VGA2USB - Capture iPad video mirroring into a computer $299.00

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CableDrop Multi-Purpose Cable Clips - Hold wires so they don't fall behind your desk $19.95

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3 Pack of Universal Touch Screen Stylus Pen - Inexpensive stylus for $2.99

image from gadgetsin.com
Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit - Import photos directly in the Photos app $29.99

Gorillapod - a very handy and flexible mini tripod $19.99

I have no connection to any of these products. I put them up on the blog purely as a way of highlighting possible accessories when using iPads in the classroom as a learning tool. 

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