Make Your WordPress Blog iPad Friendly with Onswipe

Another great article from Makeuseof written by Jeffry Thurana  and posted on April 7, 2011. This has huge ramifications for those of us that produce digital content for the internet or for consumption by our students.

Statistics say that the iPad is the most successful consumer product today. In less than a year (nine months to be exact), the tablet has found its way into the hands of 15 million people. And looking at the enthusiasm towards iPad 2, business analysts predict that the success rate of the second generation of Apple tablets will surpass the first.

What does this data mean to us?  For a start, more and more people who access the Internet will do so from an iPad or another tablet. So if you have an online presence, it would be a good idea to adjust the interface of your site to be tablet friendly. Automattic, the parent company of, has realized this and have added a feature that will optimize its 18 million blogs for tablet viewing. So for those of you with a self-hosted WordPress, there’s an app a plugin for that.

Touch, Swipe, Rotate & More
To bring this feature to realization, Automattic worked with Onswipe – a company which specializes in tablet (and other touch-enabled device) users don’t have to do anything as the feature is already added to their blogs. On the other hand, self-hosted users will need to install the Onswipe plugin before they can make their blog iPad friendly. 

The plugin will add the ability to:
  • automatically adjust the content layout according to how the reader holds their device.
  • give the reader an easy way to save the blog to their device’s home screen.
  • show a customized loading screen while the blog is loading.
  • create a beautiful magazine-like cover from the latest article.
  • easily share the content via Facebook, Twitter and email.
If these power-ups excite you, download the plugin on the Onswipe website, then upload and install it onto your blog.
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