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There are numerous sites that are now offering Tutorials and how-to guides for creating ebooks in iBook Author. As teachers are now comfortable with the idea of creating their own e-textbooks more and more people are looking for resources to learn how to build touch enabled books that take full advantage of the iPad capabilities. Inserting video and high resolution photographs is one thing but how about inserting 3D manipulatives and models that are touch sensitive. Here is a list of some of the resources online. If you know of other good ones please add them in the comments section and we will update the list.

Web Tutorials:

Publishing with iBooks Author:
This book is intended to get you up and writing in iBooks Author. You’ll learn what to expect from this new tool and what its strengths and limitations are. You’ll see how you can create beautifully designed pages and how you can bring those designs to life with interactive content in ways that, before now, were only possible in a web browser on the Internet.

Want to create your own interactive eBook for the iPad? It’s actually really simple using the iBooks Author program that Apple provides for free! Many classrooms are reading their text books on an iPad. To make this easy Shawn Ozbun has put together the complete guide to help walk you through the entire creation and publishing process.

Emerson College - Department of Journalism:
This is a great little site with close to 40 small tutorials for learning to use iBooks Author. These tutorial start at the basic like Starting iBooks, Using Templates and An Overview of the Toolbar right through to Inserting and Modifying html and Inserting and Modifying 3D Widgets. This is a good site to start your iBook Author journey

iBook Author and Apples ecosystem of interactive content:
Jermy Dorm posted a great article over at iPads in Education Ning. In it Jeremy discusses the different insertable widgets that can be added to iBooks. He has written a simply and easy to read article for the teacher with little technical know-how. It makes for a good read to open up your eyes to the very real possibilities that are on offer even to the most techno phobic amongst us.

iBooks Author comes with 6 inbuilt widgets to add great interactive elements to your iBooks. Sliding Puzzles, Live Twitter Feeds, Interactive Timelines, Embedded YouTubes or Vimeo, Embedded Google Maps or Live Polling. With Class Widgets, you can easily add more. No need to program or install Dashcode, just click on the Wizard and download your auto-generated widget.

This is the home of - a community for and of iBook authors. Here you’ll find tips, tools, news, reviews, and tutorials related to publishing e-books with Apple’s free publishing tool – iBook Author. There are a number of tutorials on adding PowerPoint, Keynotes or just useful keyboard shortcuts.

TES is home to more than 300,000 teaching resources developed by teachers for teachers. With over 1.9 million members spread across 197 countries, TES are the largest network of teachers in the world. Here they have four tutorials on different aspects of iBook Author including; Images Galleries, Video Widgets, Adding Interactive Images and Creating Study Cards.

This is a clear and concise tutorial for adding images into your iBook. It is written by cartoonist and illustrator Mark Anderson. He recognises the potential that iBook Author has for education but wants people to see beyond that and see the potential of the tool as a self publishing platform.
Photshop and Coding:
This is a single tutorial for creating fullscreen ibook pages. The possibility to make an image to pop up fullscreen, so that any small illustration may be appreciated as big as the iPad display allows – and even more, zooming in. There are at least three ways to do this in iBooks Author, each one with its own drawbacks: because fullscreen and borderless aren’t synonyms.


1. Apple iBooks Author Tour

2. Adding HTML to iBooks Author with Tumult Hype

3. iBook Author Tutorial - Sharing Your iBook Author File With a Friend

Paid Resources:

Templates for iBooks: $4.49
Templates for iBooks Author provide you with 20 Templates. The variety of styles includes astrology, science, urban and wild life, leisure and many more. To use Templates for iBooks Author you just need a Mac with iBooks Author 1.0 or later. All the Templates are flexible -pictures can be replaced with a drag-and-drop ease, as most of the elements are easy to move, resize or delete.

This hands-on guide steers you through how to lay out your Multi-Touch ebook. Starting with picking a template, you learn how to add and use text, import from Pages and Word, and create a table of contents. This practical, approachable guide will quickly help you start creating Multi-Touch ebooks!

Book Palette: $9.99 AU
Jumsoft Book Palette offers you 20 beautiful templates for iBooks Author. Each template included in the app features an assortment of stylish and modern page layouts. You can use them as a starting point and go from there by typing or pasting your own text, adding or removing text boxes, and dropping images or other media.

Have a great idea but can't get it onto the page. Choose from dozens of professionally designed templates by name-brand designers. Say good bye to boring designs and hello to an eBook that stands out from the crowd. All of the template designs are 100% customizable. Import your own photos, change a color, or drag and drop any element to your heart's content. These templates start from $19.99

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