15 Apps for Creating Photo Collages on your iPad

Photo Wall Pro: $2.99 AU
Photo Wall is about creating photo collages and sharing them with family and friends. It has a very user-friendly interface with features that will bring out the best of your creativity and imagination. To get started, "Add" your favorite Photos and Background, "Shake" to randomly arrange them, "Personalize" to your taste and then "Share" with family and friends.


Photo Table: $0.99
Play with your photos on a virtual table. Tap, zoom, flick, rotate, and drag images around your table and share experiences with family and friends. Photo Table is a multi-touch interactive slideshow. Music can be added to each album in the slideshow play mode. Albums are bigger than the screen. There are both on-screen and off-screen images in every album.

Collage Creator: $1.99 AU
Create collages on your iDevice. Surprise your friends with collages of moments you cherished together. With a very easy to use interface and a multitude of features, Collage Creator makes creating the just perfect collage easier than ever before. Shake to shuffle collage or use fingers to move, rotate, or resize photos. You can email or upload collage to Facebook.


PicMix: $0.99
This application allows you to mix two (or more) pictures into one montage. The pictures can be freely moved and resized and you have complete freedom over which parts of the photos you want to keep. With this technique you can create montages, replace backgrounds or combine pictures any possible way you can imagine. You can also create semi-transparent layers of photos.


PicStitch: FREE
Pic Stitch is designed to be easy to use and give you only the features you really need to easily create photographic works of art. Share your masterpiece with your family and friends via email or post it to Facebook. Use Pic Stitch to create a before-and-after sequence, combine great photos of each of your kids, or produce a photographic series.


Instapic: $0.99
Add a couple of pictures to your canvas. Use multi touch to arrange them to your liking. Customize the look by changing background, and voila! You have a beautiful image to share with friends and family!Features include advanced multi touch manipulation, customization of background, 7 built in backgrounds and high quality rendering. You can save to photo library, share via email or via facebook


Photo Collage HD: $0.99 AU
Create the attractive photo collages with your pictures looking better than ever with a build-in photo editor. Features include adding photos or from your picture library to the collage, edit, rotate, shrink, enlarge, bring to front or delete your pictures to your desire. You can change backgrounds, keep a library of collages and edit them, copy, share your pictures using e-mail, Facebook, Twitter or MMS.


Moxier Collage: $1.99 AU
Moxier Collage helps you create and share collages. Select from a variety of backgrounds, add pictures, text, frames, sticky notes, speech bubbles, headings, clipart, and then share with friends via email, Facebook, and Twitter. Simply start with a background template, or add your own, then add photos, clipart, and text. Moxier Collage lets you quickly resize, rotate, delete, and move objects. 


Picture Collage HD: FREE
Make a collage of all your selected pictures into one. You can move, rotate and change the size of the pictures within the collage. You can save the collage or share it by email or MMS (once it's saved in the gallery of pictures). Designed exclusively for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.


PhotoTangler HD: $0.99
PhotoTangler HD is a simple yet powerful tool for turning your photos into beautiful collages! Simply import images or add text captions, and PhotoTangler will instantly blend them together as you work with them. Newly optimized for the iPad, PhotoTangler lets you work with and export higher resolution images!


StackPad: $1.99 AU
StackPad is really a wallpaper creator but it has a cool collage tool. It makes creating a collage very easy. Drop a number of images from your photo gallery onto the screen, rotate and resize them till happy and then simply set a background. If you don't like any of the backgrounds, you can easily scale up one of your own photos and ‘send to back’ to create your own custom background.


Mixel: FREE
Mixel is a free creativity app. It is more a remix tool for your photographs than a traditional collage maker. This app is heaps of fun and can easily be used to create narratives and tell stories. Everything in Mixel can be shared and remixed, making it the world’s first truly social art app. It’s fun, easy and totally different. Mixel does require a Facebook account to login.


Sadun's Collage: FREE
Collage transforms taking pictures into a fun and tactile experience. Pinch, zoom, and drag live camera feeds to create art! This is a basic collage app that does exactly as it says it does. It also you to make simply and easy collages of pictures in your library. Quick and easy to use but best of all it is free.


PhotoShake: $1.99 AU
With PhotoShake, you can easily combine one or more photos to make new images. PhotoShake is a photo editing program that you can use to share photos  on social networking sites.You can easily create a collage. Select a theme, import photos for your collage, simply Shake iphone to get random collage images. An editing tool is available to create special effects on the final collage.

Photogene: $2.99 AU
Combine several photos into one piece of art using a variety of templates. Collages can be saved or directly uploaded to any of Photogene's wide selection of export destinations. The user interface is quick and responsive.  Photogene allows you to export several photos at once, and it supports a wide selection of export destinations, including Flickr, Dropbox, Facebook, Twitter, Picasa, FTP and mail.


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