4 Way Video Calls on iPad

Last month Fring released an iPad optimized version of their app that can do 4-way video calling. Now you can talk to 4 people at once and because the screen is cut in 4 you can see everyone.

You can make the video calls over 3G as well as WiFi and as an added bonus, Fring is a multi platform app. You can use it to talk and video chat with your friends even if they have an Android device.

I can't help but think about ways to use this in education. 

Imagine using this app in the classroom to:
1. Connecting with Experts
2. Creating Virtual Field Trips
3. Great Group Work
4. Connecting with other Schools
5. Conducting Interviews
6. Professional Development
7. Collaborating with other classes
8. Connecting with students in other countries
9. Sharing an overseas holiday with other students
10. Small Groups Tutorials
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